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This is a class for very beginning computer users. You are not expected to have ANY experience with computers. If you’ve never touched a computer before, this is the right place for you.

We’ll be using personal computers (PC) running Microsoft Windows operating system and Linux distributions operating system (particularly Ubuntu and Kali Linux). You may have heard these words before, but if not, don’t worry. We’ll cover their meanings later in class.

Don’t get discouraged! Remember: Practice makes perfect and everyone starts out as a beginner. Using the keyboard and mouse may be challenging at first, but it will become easier the more you use them.

Please let the instructor know if you have questions or concerns before the class, or as we go along.

What you will learn.

1.       Basic Computer Skills

·         Anatomy of a computer

·         How Computers work

·         What does a computer do

2.       System Software

·         Operating Systems (Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X)

·         Turning on the computer and logging on

·         The Desktop

·         Widgets and Utilities

3.       The keyboard and mouse (and laptop touchpad)

·         Keyboard commands

·         The mouse

·         Left-clicking, right-clicking and double clicking

4.       Navigating the computer and software

·         The start menu

·         Managing “Windows”

·         Opening software

5.       Shutting down the computer

·         Logging off Vs. Shutting down

·         Finding more help

6.       Setting Up a Computer

·         Connecting computer cables

·         Turning on your first computer

·         Troubleshooting