what can I do to become great in life, starting from zero?

QuestionsCategory: Life Skillswhat can I do to become great in life, starting from zero?
Judie asked 1 month ago

what can I do to start all over again after passing through hardships and downtime in life? Help please

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Hekela Sanga answered 1 month ago

Begin with questioning, why is it when you are present? Where do you want to go? There you want to go there is a distance and why you wish to go there. When you find the answers, ask the questions that would be good for you to use it? And how long will you use there? You can make answers and principles that you begin to lusts and use them so that you get to go there with great courage and great confidence. Do not look at the other way he does, but see what he does to achieve, and this would be your case and not your rule

Aliya Yudiana answered 1 month ago

Be Brave + Believe + be honest with yourself
Driven by questions, “where am I”, “who am I” and “what’s my role in this life?”
Then you will find your purposes.
Focus on your life, be good to others and don’t compare.
Stay low and keep learning, read books, meet new people, and surround yourself with positive personalities.

Peter Mugisha answered 1 month ago

Just believe in yourself.
appreciate your starting position don’t try to make shortcuts the power of making great things is in you just activate it.
Choose one thing you want to do and have focus on it don’t be moved by the situations around you just believe that you can and work hard.
Make plans and goals you want to achieve.

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