How to pass Final Exam: NECTA, KCSE, UGSE

If you’re a student in Tanzania, Kenya or Uganda then you NECTA, KCSE or UGSE cannot be escaped. And the purpose of these exams is not just to help you move to the next education level but also to create a well rounded, accomplished professional.

Preparing throughout the semester is the most effective way to do well on your final exams. Ultimately, there’s just no shortcut for knowing the material. However, even if it’s the night before your final exam and you’re feeling unprepared, don’t panic. There are plenty of things you can do to help you pass your exams.

Believe in Youself

If you don’t believe that you will pass the exam you won’t, you will be defeated before you even start. If you believe in yourself, you are committed to doing your best both in your preparation and in the exam session.

Practice Past Exam Questions

“Practice makes perfect” and you should practice as many past exam papers as you can. Visit wesovu shop to download solved past papers and you can enroll into wesovu problem solving courses to get more help.

Make Summary Notes

To assist your recall when the exam comes around, make notes from your study materials and books, this can help embed the information in your mind, and gives you something to revise from as the exam approaches, rather than going back to the full book. Write bullet points for important concepts and key ideas which you need to remember.

Plan Your Exam Strategy

You have months to study but just over three hours to pass your exam, so it’s vital you know how you’re going to approach the exam and make the best use of that precious time. Know how you’re going to allocate your time before you get in the exam hall. You should allot some time at the beginning to read the paper through before you begin and then again at the end to check through your answers. The mark allocation indicated in the syllabus will also give you an idea of how long to spend on a question.

If you get stuck on a question, don’t panic, move onto the next question and if you have time you can go back to it. The examiner can’t allocate you any marks if you haven’t even attempted a question.

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